Plasma Active

Startup Guide

Publication Date 01 Oct 2013

AuthorsSascha Manns, Sascha Manns

This Guide is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All rights are held by Sascha Manns, Mayen.

Plasma Active is a project from: the KDE Project. I'm thankful for the collaboration.

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For my mum, my dad and Sabine.


General Informations about this Guide
1. Feedback
2. Conventions in this Documentation
3. Informations about creation this book
4. Sourcecode of this book
5. Acknowledgments
I. For Users
1. First Steps
1.1. Getting Plasma Active
2. Installing Plasma Active
2.1. Plasma Active Installation
2.2. Configuring Repositories
3. Initial setup of Plasma Active
3.1. The first start
3.2. Peek-Area
3.3. Application-Launcher
3.4. Share-Like-Connect
3.5. The Activityswitcher
3.6. Systemsymbols in the system bar
3.7. Configuring Plasma Active for WLAN
3.8. Starting a browser in Plasma Active
3.9. Launch a instant messenger in Plasma Active
4. Using Plasma Active
4.1. Using Plasma Active as Informationsassistant (PIM)
4.2. Connecting with friends
4.3. Reading and receiving Emails in Plasma Active
4.4. Managing files
4.5. Reading texts with Plasma Active
4.6. Writing text with Plasma Active
4.7. Playing and managing media files
4.8. Updating Plasma Active
4.9. Setting up RSS and reading messages
5. Configuring Plasma Active
5.1. Systemsettings
5.2. Binding a WebDAV into your Plasma Active
II. For Developers
6. Developing for Plasma Active
6.1. Prologue
6.2. Plasma Active Apps entwickeln
6.3. Plasma SDK: Plasmate
6.4. Plasma Active Core Development
A. Help and Troubleshooting
A.1. How to change a textfile in an editor?
A.2. How to start the desktop search?
B. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

List of Examples

4.1. Skype
A.1. Looking for the status of Nepomuk/Strigi
A.2. Checking Nepomuk/Strigis Config