Chapter 2. Installing Plasma Active


2.1. Plasma Active Installation
2.2. Configuring Repositories


This Chapter contains the installation-process for Plasma Active.

2.1. Plasma Active Installation

In the preciding paragraphs you have placed an image on a USB-Stick. Now we are going to install Plasma Active.

  1. Plug your USB into your target-device and reboot.

  2. In the next seconds you will see some lines of boot messages. Then the screen will show you the question "Step 1. Select one disk to install MeeGo". Now you can choose one of the options. In the most cases it is /dev/sda.

  3. Now you see the question "Step 2 Full disk install or not?". You can now choose if the image should use the full disk or if it should just use free place.

  4. Now you have the last chance to rollback the system. It asks: "This is the last chance to rollback. Are you sure you want to continue?". If you type y then Plasma Active will installed. Otherwise the installation process will not install Plasma Active.


    Please keep in mind, that the hard disk will delete all data.

2.2. Configuring Repositories

All important repositories are integrated in Plasma Active.