General Informations about this Guide

This Guide gives a Introduction to Plasma Active. Plasma Active 4 is based on Balsam Professional-Version 12.1. Please read that parts to get Informations how to install, use and enjoy Plasma Active.

Plasma Active Guide

Gives an Overview about Getting, Installation and Handling of Plasma Active 4.

Balsam Professional Quick Install

This part guides you through the Installationprocess of Plasma Active under Balsam Professional.

Help and Troubleshooting

Gives an overview about Options to get help and more Dokumentation, if you need more Informations or use your system for specific cases. This part contains the most common Problems and you learn how to fix it.

Newer Updates in Documentation (this Book) you can find there

1. Feedback

For giving Feedback you have some different channels:

Bugs and Featurerequests of Plasma Active

You can post every Bug or Feature for Plasma Active into the KDE Bugzilla on

Plasma Active Forum

To discuss with other users or ask questions please visit the forum:

Plasma Active mailinglist

Also you can speak with the developers of Plasma Active through that mailinglist:

Ideas and criticism about this Book

We're happy to read your Ideas and Proposals to this Book. Just visit

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2. Conventions in this Documentation

In this book we're using that typographic conventions:

  • /etc/passwd: Directories and Filenames

  • Placeholder: Replace Placeholder with the real value.

  • PATH: the variable PATH

  • ls, --help: Commands, Options and Parameters

  • User: User or Groups

  • Alt, Alt+F1: A key or keycombo of keyboard keys

  • File, File+Save as... : Menuoptions and Buttons

  • Dancing Pinguins (Chapter Pinguins, ↑Other Handbook): This is a referer to a chapter of another book.

3. Informations about creation this book

This Handbook was written in Docbook 4.5 (see The XML Sourcefiles was validated with xmllint , processed by xsltproc and with a customized version of Norman Walsh's Stylesheets into XSL-FO converted. The Build-Tool daps is provided in the openSUSE Repositories.

4. Sourcecode of this book

The Sourcecode of this book is public available. To download the Code you need a installed svn client on your pc.

You can browse the code there: If you want to participate in this project just write a email with your Sourceforge Username to:

5. Acknowledgments

With a lot of voluntary commitment, the developers of Plasma Active cooperate on a global scale to promote the development of Plasma Active. We thank them for their efforts—this wonderful UI would not exist without them. Furthermore, we thank Thomas Schraitle for his help with Docbook and XSLT. Special thanks, of course, goes to Linus Torvalds. This book was member of the Google CodeIn 2012. We like to thank our student Casey Takahashi. Without her help i can't publish this book now.

Enjoy it

Your Sascha Manns