Chapter 1. First Steps


1.1. Getting Plasma Active


This article explains the first steps with Plasma Active, such as how to obtain it and how to prepare a USB-Stick.

At the moment Plasma Active is tested on the following devices:

List of tested devices

You can see the actual devicelist there:

1.1. Getting Plasma Active

Because Plasma Active is a free project, there is more than one provider for an image. The official reference platform is the Mer-Image, provided by BasysKom. This image i will use in this guide.

1.1.1. Downloading Plasma Active Mer-Version

BasysKom provides regular snapshots from Plasma Active as download in:

Just download the image and save it on any directory.

1.1.2. Creating a USB Stick

In the next steps we are placing a Plasma Active Live Image on a USB Stick. You will need:

  • PC with Linux and internet access,

  • WeTab (or other Touchpaddevices)

  • USB-Stick with minimum 2 GB.

Procedure 1.1. Preparing a USB-Stick

  1. Now plug in your USB-Stick, and type as root: fdisk -l. Now we find out the device identifier from the USB. In our example it is /dev/sdb.

  2. Now change the directory to that which contains the image:

    dd if=/PATH/TO/LIVE-ISO/basyskom-plasma-active-four-wetab-exopc-tablet-mer-release.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M

    Please keep in mind that all data on the stick will be lost. Instead of of=/dev/sdb you must replace it with your found device identifier from fdisk.

  3. After typing sync you can pull out the USB and put it into your touchscreen-device.