Anhang A. Help and Troubleshooting

Plasma Active; 4


A.1. How to change a textfile in an editor?
A.2. How to start the desktop search?


In this Appendix I will address some standard questions and problems. If your question is not listed, just drop me a mail.

A.1. How to change a textfile in an editor?

I will explain this in this tutorial. As Editor I am using kwrite.

Prozedur A.1. Changing a textfile

  1. Pull down the Systembar.

  2. Tap now on Console.

  3. To edit the file /etc/zypp/zypp.conf just type in the console: kdesu kwrite /etc/zypp/zypp.conf. Now you will be asked for the Rootpassword. Type this into the window. Sure, instead of /etc/zypp/zypp.conf you can use any filename.


    In the present Version of Plasma Active it causes problems with a virtual keyboard. So if you starting an App as Root you can not use a virtual keyboard. In this case you can use kvkbd or an external USB-Keyboard.

  4. KWrite opens now with the selected file. Make your changes now.

  5. Tap now on the Button Save. With a tap on File+Quit wird das Programm beendet.

A.2. How to start the desktop search?

Plasma Active uses the programs Nepomuk and Strigi for searching the /home folder. The indication process searches all files. If the first indication was succesfull it just looks for changes.

Nepomuk is a program that provides a semantic search and works with Strigi. Both programs are needed for working with Plasma Active. If they are working in your Environment, you can find out so:

Beispiel A.1. Looking for the status of Nepomuk/Strigi

Prozedur A.2. Are the programs running?

  1. Pull down the Systembar.

  2. Tap now on the searchfield.

  3. Type there System. Tap there on Systemsettings.

  4. Tap there on Desktopsearch.

  5. Now you'll see a window with different tabs. Tap there on Basic Settings. These points should be checked:

    • Enable Nepomuk-Semantic desktop

    • Enable Strigi Desktop File Indexer.

If both are enabled Nepomuk/Strigi should run. If one of the points is enabled but doesn't work, then go to the next procedure.

Beispiel A.2. Checking Nepomuk/Strigis Config

Prozedur A.3. Is the Configfile correct?

  1. Pull down the Systembar.

  2. Tap now on Dolphin.

  3. Tap now on the Screwdriver and tap on Show Hidden Files. Now you will see some files where the name starts with a dot.

  4. Tap on the hidden folder .kde4, then on share then on config and finally on nepomukserverrc.

  5. Then KWrite starts with that file.

  6. Have a look at the file and compare it with these settings:

    [Basic Settings] 
    Start Nepomuk=true  
    [main Settings] 
    Maximum memory=50 
    Used Soprano Backend=virtuosobackend

    If anything missed in the file just add it.

  7. After saving the file Nepomuk should start instantly and starts an indicatior. If that does not work, try a restart.