The Handbook for Plasma Active Users and Developers


PALogo Sascha Manns starts the Plasma Active Handbook project to create an open source book about Plasma Active written as a Handbook and released under a GFDL license.

Reading The Book

Currently, there is only HTML and PDF available. Other formats will be provided in the near future.

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Project Summary

Find out about the project on the Project’s summary page. You can also follow some RSS feeds:

Check out our FAQ-Page.

Contact Me

You can contact me via email to I also read the Plasma Active Handbook mailinglist. If you found an Error or Misspelling you can create a Ticket. Visit us in Ohloh:

You can connect yourself with us through Google+ or Facebook.

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If you like to help us with writing the book, just send an Email to Sascha Manns.

What others say

Very nice !!!

As a developer I did never understand how somebody could work on translations, and user documentations. It's necessary, but nothing I'd want to do. Great job, great thing! Thanks to all the translaters and documentation people!

Very cool; I’ll give this some promo tomorrow on G+ and my blog. This will be a great resource to many people, I’m sure!