How can i write or extend an chapter?

For that you have to send your Sourceforge Username to for adding this to the Project. After accepting you can checkout the Stuff. Now you have the following Directories:

  • /
  • /DC-plasma-active-startup (This is a control file for building this book)
  • /xml (Under this Folder you're finding all related XML Files. The Rootfile is called "book.plasma-active_startup.xml"
  • /images
  • /images/src
  • /images/src/$Format (The main Files are laying under png/. All other Formats will be created at buildtime

For writing for this book it's very comfortable to use a XML-Editor like Serna Free or XML-Mind. The Maintainer uses Oxygen-XML. The Book is written in DocBook 4.5. So basic Knowledge of XML and DocBook is needed.

You can start with xml/book_plasma-active_startup.xml

If you not knowing XML/Docbook, you also can write a LibreOffice Document and send it to Sascha.

How can i build a book?

This Handbook uses the daps Buildsystem. First of all you have to add the Documentation Repository to your RPM-Repository Manager. Then choose "daps". In normal cases that should trigger install all related Packages.

Then go to the Maindirectory who the DC File lives and type: "daps -d DC-plasma-active-startup pdf". Then daps create a PDF File. Other possible Options instead of "pdf" are:

  • html (Creates a HTML based book like in our Entrypage)
  • pdf (Creates a b/w pdf with cropmarks for printing)
  • color-pdf (Creates a Color-PDF)
  • epub (Makes a EPUB file)

Contact Me

You can contact me via email to I also read the Plasma Active Handbook mailinglist. If you found an Error or Misspelling you can create a Ticket.